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Drive just 30 minutes west of Fort Myers and you will yourself in middle of one of Florida’s emerging gems. Lehigh Acres offers beautiful spaces for outdoor activities and a safe, quiet community for its residents. We think a community with 116,000 residents is just the right size, offering a range of amenities, but maintaining that small-town friendliness. Additionally, this area offers residents a boat-load of things to do.

With easy access to Florida's famous white sandy beaches, and plenty of shopping and eating opportunities, Lehigh Acres is a great place to call home or to invest in. Duffers will love the championship golf courses just waiting to challenge both experienced and inexperienced golfers. Families can enjoy a day out at one of the community’s many parks, lots of which are nestled up to a glistening lake. And when folks want a night out in a bigger city, Fort Myers is just a hop, skip, and jump away. In all, living here offers all the pluses of living in a bigger city without the traffic or hassle that goes with it.

For property investors, this Florida community is a fantastic opportunity. Median home values sit at $119,000 while a Lehigh Acres rental comes with a median rent at $957. Experts say this year is a terrific time to buy investment property in Florida since the state sees good economic growth, a solid demand for housing, and a real estate climate friendly to businesses. Property rates are expected to rise up to 5% in this year.

Whether you are interested in buying your own home or investing in a Lehigh Acres rental, finding the right Lehigh Acres property management should be your first priority. We, at Red Fortress Property Management, are happy to find just the right property for your budget. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff have years of real estate experience, know the local market, and can help guide you through the sometimes confusing process of Lehigh Acres property management. Give us a call today and let us help get you started finding just the right property for your budget. Then talk to us about a flexible management package so your investment will be a roaring success.

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Property Marketing

Finding new renters quickly allows us to protect your bottom line. Don't sit around helplessly while your vacancy collects dust; let us jump into action to get your home rented.

Tenant Screening

At Red Fortress, we know the right tenant makes a big difference. We want to find you great renters. We screen all applications carefully & only place qualified renters.

Rent Collection

Automate your rent collection process with our team working on your behalf. We handle all billing and funds collection & your earnings show up in your account each month.


When maintenance problems crop up in your rental home, we're ready to jump into action. We respond to repair requests, coordinate visits, and handle all related billing tasks.

Property Inspections

Visiting the homes in our portfolio allows us to identify problems & rectify them before they spin out of control. We regularly inspect every propety we represent.

Financial Reporting

It's never been easier to keep a handle on your financial performance. We generate monthly statements for you review and put everything inside your digital account portal.


Our detailed screening process allows us to avoid most eviction scenarios, but if we ever need to remove a problem tenant, we'll handle the tough stuff for you & get your home healthy again.

Legal Guidance

Are you paying close attention to Florida's many complicated tenant-landlord laws? Don't find yourself in a sticky situation; let our team make sure you're playing by all of the rules.

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Not only are we well-versed in the ins and outs of our local housing ordinances and laws, but we also understand the unique challenges landlords face across Fort Myers & the surrounding area. We use our expertise to keep your home performing optimally.

Enjoy the Convenience of Our Digital Tools

Our online account portal system and digital listings make it easy for both clients & tenants to stay connected with us. These tools not only provide a means of connecting with us at any time, day or night, but they also help us stay efficient and get problems resolved quickly.

"Realty Services managed our rental properties for a number of years until it was sold. They did a very excellent job of keeping the units rented, of providing necessary services for the rental customers and remitting net proceeds to me each month in a timely fashion along with a complete and understandable statement. I would not hesitate to recommend Their services to anyone."

F. Jeffrey, Sanibel

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"Thank you for the last 13 years of service. All I can say is you have been very reliable and helpful in a time of need and you have done an excellent job."

G. Marcanto, New Jersey

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